Tuesday, January 1, 2008

In the life of a Security Consultant

I got a call in the middle of the night and it was a customer that had almost his entire inventory stolen from his warehouse. I was half asleep and he was begging me to meet him at his location. Hell, he wasn’t even my client. On the way there, I thought to myself, “Why the hell is he calling me?”
I got there and it was a mess, cops everywhere. The suspects had driven a truck through one of his walls and, once inside, had loaded up everything in sight. He greeted me; he was on the verge of a breakdown. I felt sorry for the guy.
I had to ask him how he’d gotten my number and why he called me. He told me that the alarm company servicing his warehouse hadn’t even called to report the break-in. If it wasn’t for someone who had just happened by, seen the damage and contacted the police department, no one would have known he’d been broken into.
In his anger, he asked a police officer if he could recommend a security company to him, and although it was against Department policy, the cop felt sorry for him and gave him my number.
After the cops were gone, I stayed with the guy until his employees started showing up. Then, I went to my office and designed him the system that he really needed. While I was working on the design, another consultant came up to me. He informed me that, a year earlier, he’d met with the owner and informed him his system was inadequate. The guy wouldn’t budge because he said he had an agreement he couldn’t get out of.
It’s sad when someone thinks that because you have an agreement, you’re locked in, because, really, you’re not. As a consumer, you too have rights, and if your alarm company is not performing in the manner they guaranteed when you paid for the system, you can cancel the contract, for “Failure to Perform”.
Since he’d suffered such a huge loss, the installation manager agreed to have the system installed the same day, which made the customer very happy. I informed him that he could go home and rest, and that his business would be safe in our hands. He thanked me repeatedly and left.
A few months later, he called to thank me for the new system. It seemed that, earlier that morning, someone had attempted to gain entry into the building. Our company contacted the Police, who arrived on scene within three minutes, capturing the culprits in the act. The client was ecstatic; he now wondered when I could design a system to protect his most prized possession, his home and family.

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