Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hotel Security Officer

My co-worker got arrested an hour before he was supposed to come to work. His wife had an accident right outside his home. When he went to check on her, the cops found that his car didn’t have any insurance and the registration was expired. So, instead of going to work, he went to jail.
With his only phone call, he called the hotel and told them he was sick. The next night, when he came to work, I asked him if he was feeling better. He laughed and then told me the story about getting arrested.
His biggest concern was whether the chief had said anything about the incident. I assured him; the chief had not, and inquired why he would say anything.
What happened was, he didn’t have the money to bail himself out that night. So, he stayed in jail overnight to see the judge the next morning. While waiting to be transported to court, he struck up a conversation with another inmate who also was going to court that morning.
He said the guy was really nice and they both laughed about being in jail. When the officers came, they handcuffed the prisoners to one another and since he was closest to the inmate he was talking to, the two were handcuffed together.
When they were taken outside, he noticed a large group of reporters and cameramen waiting by the fence. The whole scene was being filmed for the morning news. What he didn’t know was, the guy he was handcuffed to, had killed his wife a few days earlier and had just been captured that same night he was arrested.
He said he tried everything possible to hide his face because he was sure the chief would see him and know he wasn’t home, sick, like he’d said.

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