Sunday, June 3, 2007

ID for my 6 year old? Not!

A couple of days ago the kindergarten that my daughter attends sent her home with note stating that a company was to arrive the following week to create IDs for the students. The cost was minimal and at first glance I didn't give it a second thought.
My wife raised the issue to me and I looked over the note and observed that the name of the person originally whom was to create the IDs had been crossed out and a new name had been written in above it. A red flag immediately rose in my mind and the hair on the back of my neck stood erect as it tends to do when I have a feeling there is a security issue to be addressed.
The next morning I drove my daughter to school and after getting her situated into her class I went to speak to the Director. I inquired about the company that was going to come in to create the IDs for the student. The Director didn't know much about them other than the fact that they'd been coming in since the school had been built (4 years) and they'd had no problems with them.
She could tell I was concerned so she asked if something about the idea was troubling me? I informed her that indeed the idea bothered me, and the fact that she knew very little about the company had bothered me even more.
My problem was this, the school was exposing kindergarten aged kids to people they knew absolutely nothing about. The school had not conducted any background checks on the company or it's employees. When asked about the fact that the original photographer's name had been crossed out on the letter, I was told that the original person was sick and that she was sending someone else in her place.
Now, as a parent my job is to insure the safety of my child first and foremost. This includes controlling the amount of people, male and female whom have access to her at all times. In a school environment I expect everyone whom comes in contact with my child to have had some form of background check conducted.
Most people will probably think I overreacted but I'd much rather over than under react and my failure to act causes harm to my child.
Now for you that feel I did overreact let me share this with you. By allowing this company to come into the school the school was giving them access to many peoples sons and daughters. The school has not conducted any checks on the company or it's employees. The company was to come to the school and photograph the students for a ID card. The card also has your child's, name, date of birth and some other bits of information. Even though for a few dollars you now have a ID for your child that you can carry in your wallet in the event your child is lost or kidnapped, by participating in this function you could yourself be placing your child in harms way. You see, the parents never took the time to think the whole thing through. It's a private company creating the IDs on a computer. What happens if they lose the computer? All of your child's info is on the hard drive. What happens when a computer goes bad or we decide to get a new one? We sell the old one or give it away, right? Regardless, if that hard drive lands in the wrong hands not only does any person of bad character have all these children's photo's and names but the names of the school they attend as well. How easy is it then to wait in the parking lot, wait for the parent to pick up the kid and follow them home. Now all he has to do is wait for your child to be playing alone in the driveway or riding their bike, it happens all the time.
Because of the above I elected to not allow my daughter to be issued a ID, instead I contacted the local Police Department and they have a childrens ID program too. Only this one I trust, fully!
Protect your children, they count on you to keep them safe. Remember, when it comes to your child there is no such thing as overreacting!

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great information keep your eyes and ears open at all times